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The Pipeline Festival Answers The Readiness Question

Sussman was very aware of how precious the play was to Sachdeva. "The play for Riti is very close to her heart and here we were taking it out of this drawer where it had been so safe and we were about to make it into something else, ultimately more true to what she had originally intended."

The Women's Project Is Building a Better Pipeline

Setting out to build something more than another new-play fest, the theatre presents 5 new plays from all-female teams.

Adam Szymkowicz interviews Riti Sachdeva

Vultures of fate wheel, deal and scream omens

Hans Sachdeva ("Hans means Swan and Sach means Truth and Deva means God, in Hindi") made it with his parents out of what was shortly to become Pakistan, ending up in a city called Bhilai in the state of Chhattisgarh in east-central India - where he would, as a man, work in the office of a famous Indian steel plant. And where Riti Sachdeva would one day herself be born, twenty-two years after Partition.

"Birds and Bees" portrays relevant, sensitive social issues

The play opens in the waiting room of the gynecologist office of Dr. Green-played by Riti Sachdeva. Three patients-portrayed by Lindsay Griffin, Ashleigh Awusie and Holly Sansom-sit in seats waiting for their appointments. It's a mystery to the audience as to why each of these characters are waiting, but as the play unfolds, it's learned that each character is battling a different issue.

A Theasy Interview with the playwright of Parts of Parts and Stitches

Q&A with "Brooklyn Bound" Playwright Riti Sachdeva

Riti shares her thoughts on the director/playwright relationship and tells us about her inspiration for "Brooklyn Bound."

Newborn Playwright Spotlight: Riti Sachdeva

People You Should Know - Riti Sachdeva